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After 10+ years of developing product ourselves and for our clients, we decided it was time to take the tips & tricks out of our head and write the playbook so you can Do-it-Yourself. Join us as we demystify the mysterious world of product sourcing and manufacturing - get a peek behind the veil or opt for direct introductions. Choose from our "101" or "Direct Connect" courses.

Our online courses are intended to teach you how to produce private label product on your own, from concept to final delivery

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Online + Workshop Format

Private Label Product Development 101

This curriculum offers a DIY approach to building your own line of private label product. From beauty to fashion to home decor and more -- the Private Label Product Development 101 process can be applied to any product category. This introductory course begins to demystify the complex product development journey by targeting the key pillars: Manufacture sourcing & Pricing.


Direct Connect

In addition to the resources from Product Development 101, we will directly connect you with Lifestyle Product manufacturers and industry experts through group sessions and 1:1 calls. This offering is a full-on view behind the mysterious manufacturing veil!


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Private Label Product Development 101

Start our mini course today. Learn the nuts and bolts of manufacturing product under your own brand.


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